Daily To Do Deskpad

Daily To Do Deskpad


Your time is precious and every moment matters. Whether you’re spending the day organizing at home or you’re busy starting the work week, the pistachi.co Daily To Do deskpad gives you plenty of space to map out your day and get going.

We’ve designed the Daily To Do deskpad to keep you on the move, checking off those pesky to dos and jotting down the things you can’t afford to forget. Five spaces for daily tasks for morning, afternoon, and evening keeps you organized but never overwhelmed. A space for numbers, notes or a sentiment from your desk mate, your unfinished tasks for your tomorrow, and a spot to ensure you’re taking care of yourself, you can truly make your days count.

With 50 pages, there are 50 opportunities to stay on track and make the most of every moment. Printed on uncoated smooth bright white paper, you’ll stay away from smudges and get closer to finalizing your daily goals.

  • 50 pages

  • 70# uncoated smooth paper

  • 8.5” x 11”

  • Top glue seam

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