I'm Doing Okay Anxiety Journal

I'm Doing Okay Anxiety Journal


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We live in a world of what ifs. We put our mental wellness on the back burner, constantly trying to improve ourselves while feeling like we’re only just keeping up - it’s no surprise that in the U.S. alone, over 40 million adults are living with chronic anxiety. But what if we could slow down, live more intentionally and mindfully, even stop the worry train circling our minds every day? What if there was a better way to manage anxiety?

I’m Doing Okay: A Daily Journal For My Anxious Mind prompt journal keeps you organized and on track with growth and recovery - a space for good moments and those tough ones too, gratitude and progress, everything that’s on your mind, wellness goals, notes for your help source, and a tracking system to note progress along the way. Whether you’re in the middle of a recovery journey, taking the first steps towards better mental health, or just in search of an outlet, journaling is a simple, creative, and proven way to reduce anxiety and build better habits towards better mental wellbeing. After all, what we can better keep track of we can better manage.

Durable, lightweight and perfect for on-the-go writing, our first edition journal offers plenty of space for quick jotting or intentional quiet time. Write every day or every so often. Simply fill in the date and get started.

Preorder begins Monday, March 18, for copies of the I’m Doing Okay Anxiety Journal. Preordered journals will ship following our Kickstarter fulfillment in May 2019.

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