Get Some Sleep Notepad

Get Some Sleep Notepad

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We all have those nights. Those need to rest but can’t fall asleep nights. Those woke up from a wild dream and positively have to remember it in the morning nights. Those flash of genius creative moments right before you doze off nights.

We’ve designed the Get Some Sleep notepad for those well-rested brains and those that need a little help falling asleep ones too. Whether it’s evening anxieties, insomnia, overactive minds, or if you just have your best ideas at the strike of midnight, the Get Some Sleep notepad gives you plenty of room to organize your thoughts, doodle your way to sleep, jot down a reminder for tomorrow, and unload everything in your brain and gift yourself a happier, healthier, more rested tomorrow.

With 50 pages, there are 50 opportunities to rest, relax, and reflect, because we all know rested minds are happy minds.

  • 50 tear-off sheets

  • 70# uncoated smooth paper

  • 5” x 7”

  • Top glue seam

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